We began as Wing Wah Signcrafts in 1966 offering basic fabrication services. Today our range of services include conceptualizing, design, fabrication, installation and maintanence. We work with all types of materials, from steel to acrylic, aluminium to wood, granite to glass; And we use all kinds of fabrication technology, from neon to chemical etching, from sand blasting to transfer systems and stickers to routing.

We firmly believe in developing a relationship with our customers.

is committed to offering the best in technology, production and service.

Our Customers today range from hotels, banks, corporate and public listed companies, property developers, resorts, golf clubs and shopping complexes.

We work with architects, developers, design agencies and directly with individual owners. Large or small, no sign project is beyond our capability.

Our principal advantages is our skilled manpower, competitive pricing and total dedication to services. We have also received recognition for our innovation and quality.

Our continious investments in R&D allows us to provide new ideas and techniques. We are able to develop prototypes and provides simple yet sophisticated designs solutions.